House Signs Mock-up visuals - Free layout drafts for your house sign order for your approval

All reflective house signs made by our company are made in the UK from durable reconstituted slate and have high-tec reflective  text and numbers which are heat laminated flush to the plaque surface and are not engraved or raised in relief.

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Free Fonts
It is not always easy to imagine what a finished housesign will look like in a given text layout, font or colour way. For this reason every house sign order has a free computer generated layout showing the proposed house sign in the customers chosen font and text layout. This way customers get exactly what they want.

These draft visuals are shown in our mock-up visuals gallery for our customer's approval. This way you can get a good idea of what your house sign is going to look like before it is actually made and you can ask for any alterations if you don't like the look of the proposed design. The visuals are deleted once the sign has been shipped.
House Signs Mock-up Visuals
  • When  your sign order has been placed and paid for,  it is added to our production queue. Usually sometime within 3 working days, a full colour text layout visual of your proposed house sign will be made and published on Visuals web pages for your approval.
  • You will be sent an email to the email address you have given us with your order to let you know that the visual has been made. You can then click on the link in our email to view this page and see your proposed house sign  - it will have an individual order number.
  • You then simply email us via the 'Approve House Sign' link or use the 'Please make changes' link underneath the draft.
  • If you have approved the visual of your proposed house sign, it will then be placed in it's final production run and your house sign will be shipped as soon as it is ready.
  • If you decide on an alteration, a new drawing of your amended layout will be created and uploaded and you will again be notified by email.
  • We offer one free visual layout drawing plus one free alteration visual per house sign order. Any additional alterations will be charged at 5 per extra visual.
  • We only make these layout visuals for firm orders for House Signs that have been fully paid.
  • You can order a mock-up visual before you pay for a sign outright. - We charge you 5 for this mock-up visual which will be fully refunded when you place an order. Click here to order a mock-up visual only
  • The visuals are intended for showing your house sign's text and numbers laid out in your chosen font - they will also show the correct positions of fixing holes.
  • We are unable to provide layout drawings of hand painted pictorial signs showing the custom painted pictorial in place. Because our house sign artists only start to design and paint the custom pictorials after the reflective text is in place on the house plaques it just cannot be done. - We can however still provide a text layout without the pictorial for your approval if required.
Here's how our house sign visuals service works
We design a text and font layout on our computer superimposed on a template of your chosen sign and show it on our visuals pages for your approval.
You can 'OK'  the proposed sign or if you are not happy with the first layout, we will make another draft with your alterations and show it again on this page for your approval
Click here to view our latest house sign visuals
Click here to view our latest visuals - they can sometimes give layout ideas for your own sign requirements
Terms & Conditions for mock-up visuals. - Mock-up visuals are made AFTER an order is placed and paid for and NOT BEFORE - We get hundreds of visitors to this website every day and simply don't have the time to make mock-up visuals for every visitor.  Website visitors can however order a mock-up visual for only 5 GBP which will be fully refunded against the cost of the house sign when they place the order for the actual sign. - Click Here to order a Mock-Up Visual only

Every order for STANDARD house signs has one FREE visual and one free alteration visual if needed - any further visuals are charged at 5 GBP each

Mock-up Visuals is NOT available for any hand painted house sign pictorials - our house sign artist create the pictorials AFTER the text/numbers are in place on the sign. This ensures the pictorial is visually balanced within the confines of the given text, but it is simply too time consuming for our artists to create preliminary mock-ups of the pictorials for these designs